Tired of being exposed to ransomware and viruses due to bad software?
Want to run a program as another user or as a user with other privileges?

This might help!

Run Program Jailed!

Its main purpose is to give users a way to minimize exposure to ransomware that infects computers through security holes in flash-based advertisements. Yes, you can use Windows built-in function "Run As" but it will prompt you for a password every-time or use psexec that can do exactly what this program can (and a lot more) but the downside is, you have to write the command line with parameters. Not every users cup of tea.

Default behavior:

The program will run you default web browser but you can edit the configuration file to run whatever program you like (with parameters if needed). You can also change the username, password and domain if you need to. It's all in the config file. Want to run more than one program as a jailed user? Easy, just duplicate the exe and config and edit the new config to your liking.

Installation notes:

The setup will add a local user account (jailuser) and make it a member of the guest group. Therefore you need to run the setup.exe as an administrator. If you're a bit paranoid like me and want full control you could always create the user by hand and just extract the exe and config from the zip file. The config file is quite self explanatory.

It's tested on Windows 7 x64 but should work on any Windows OS with .NET Framework 3.5


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